Nails are my passion and I enjoy the challenge. I will be posting my nail work on my blog and interacting with other nail techs and those in the beauty industry. I have been doing nails since 1998. I work primarily with acrylics and p&w or glitter solar gels (glorified acrylics as I say).  I sculpt/form my nails which seems to be a dying art.  I figured out that “solar gels” as they are called are just acrylics with a gel sealant.  Once you get your ratio figured out, things go much more smoothly.  I haven’t quite figured out pigmented acrylics yet as to the ratio but I will in time.  I learn something new almost everyday and have yet to quit learning.  Some of my inspirations come from Robin Moses Nail Art, which you can find on You Tube.  I have also learned how to do a reverse from Young Nails via You Tube which my clients love.  My artwork ranges from simple, to elegant, to WOW!

I am a single mother of three wonderful children who have been with me through all my ups and downs.  Yes there are downs.  My health, for instance has taken its toll because of doing nails.  I am 52 years of age and the constant repetition beats up your body daily.  So it is important to take care of your health and make time for exercise or you too, will experience the same as me.  I also have a very supportive fiance who has worked very hard in helping me achieve my dream.  I do nails out of my home since 1998 as a side job, and we converted a screened-in porch for my nail salon.  I am very pleased with how it all came together.  I have 4 cats that keep me company out in my manicuring room.  Of course that’s where the “kitty weed” (catnip”) and treats are!!!

Please travel with me on my journey for the remainder of the years that I am in business.  Photos of my salon will be posted shortly as well as photo’s of my nail art.

Thank all of you (clients, bloggers, those following me on facebook, twitter, instagram, vendors, and such), for my dream would not be possible without you.

You can also find my artwork on http://www.facebook.com/NailsToGo22 for work prior to the beginning of this blog.

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